So haven't updated my blog in a while... think it's time for lots of updates!

I've been spending the last month trying to understand how to use and get to grips with Maya... I really like modelling, I've discovered, but the program has driven me nuts as I got used to how to actually make it do stuff.

You're not going to see something amazingly beautiful but I tried my best to make something real, I think over time I could get better at this... Here you go, my first ever ever ever Maya models:

The image I tried to base my first model off.

The reference for the above.


Warming up to photoshop again, work in progress for a little painting.


Just a really rough sketch of the only image I can remember from a dream I had last night... these pigeons sitting on a wire were turning red just as they took off. Like some kind of warning...


Some linework done for the first bit of illustration based on stories by Jane Livingstone. Will develop more soon...


some feathers from ze sketchbook



My work for a comic exhibition in Brussels... Just the one page for now. And development video. :)


Degree show

Long overdue, here's photos of my work on display at the DJCAD 2011 degree show and D&AD New Blood down in London... next to the work of Claire Borwell, Ailsa Cullens and Julie Bryden.


Starting to post some of the research & development behind my comic concept which is a fiction featuring a little history of the whaling industry in Scotland. Here's some observational sketches to try to capture the general shape and movements of whales... I've been watching the show Ocean Giants to get inspiration, visiting the Discovery ship in Dundee and also the McManus museum... I want the reader to sympathise with the whale as well as the main human characters...

I'm no writer, which is one of the challenges of this whole project. I can easily come up with a starting idea but constructing a story is difficult!


Another test nebula painting. This time, going for a more stylized look, I doubled the layer of the original painting and played around with filter effects in photoshop until I got a texture I liked to lay over the top of it to give it an edge... I really like the result.