Zombie enough for you?

Clearly, I've been watching too many horror films lately.
Right time of month though eh? :P
Zommmbiiiieeee oooooo.

(OpenCanvas painting - quick, small, sketchy... design is completely my own, reference, was sadly, my own face.... :|)(that looks way too much like my hair.... i was going for gray.... damn, lol.)


  1. This is braw!
    Obviously your real face is better, but yeah!
    Turns out I has one of these blog thingy-ma-bobs too!
    Bad thing about them is the temptation to spill your guts out whenever you're feeling a bit hormonal :\
    Anyway, aye. I like yer sketches (Y)

  2. Thanks :):)

    Hehe, aaahhh hormones, gotta love em.
    It's cool to see someone else have one though, blogging's addictive! I tended to do a lot more when I was younger, but all them blogs are deleted now... starting again!
    I'll give ye a comment sometime too. :)