I really think I'm going to need some constructive criticism here (constructive being the key word, not criticism)... Overall, I'm happy with the look, except for panel number 2. Supposed to look dream-like and falling... I just don't think I've got it down.

I have to go with this style because of the amount of pages I have to do/limited time. Does it look alright, despite shoddy sketchiness?


  1. I think it's great! I think the sketchy style really works well. To me it suggests movement. But I have always liked hairy drawing styles.

    I'm impressed with the hands also, I can never draw hands so i'm envious! haha.

    Well done though, I would love to see more! ^_^

  2. Thanks very much for the feedback! :) I find hands actually incredibly hard to draw, they were a slight struggle haha.