Here's some work in progress on a screenprinted poster for the Grimm fairy tale 'The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was' (epic long title)... specifically the part involving ghost dogs & cats:
But when he had made away with these two, and was about to sit down again by his fire, out from every hole and corner came black cats and black dogs with red-hot chains, and more and more of them came until he could no longer stir, and they yelled horribly, and got on his fire, pulled it to pieces, and wanted to put it out. He watched them for a while quietly, but at last when they were going too far, he seized his cutting-knife, and cried, "Away with ye, vermin," and began to cut them down. Part of them ran away, the others he killed, and threw out into the fish-pond.

Check out the Jim Henson's Storyteller version Fearnot it is quite funny.
...This is taking ages, I want to be done with it soon and move onto something new!

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