sketchbook fun times.

...Wow. It just dawned on me that I have a scanner. Right next to me. Perfectly in my reach to use whenever I want instead of sneaking in to art college and sneakily scanning something and then sneaking away from the computer again unnoticed... ha, I can use it whenever I want! I ignored it for so long, I've been so used to not having one. And some people, my parents especially, probably don't even know that I actually really have a sketchbook because I don't bring them everywhere I go, so here's a few pages for you! They're a bit basic because these are from earlier on in the year but I kinda like... my current sketchbook is being crappy and I want to hide it.


  1. love the liney mark making in the blobs of colour...that was a very academic sentence right there. The angelic dinosaur skeleton is awesome too :)

  2. 'holy mackeral!' hehe love that page:-)