etching.... not so fun times

Well, I lie, because it was fun, but I sortof made a shit of it. :| I love printmaking because it's so hands on and unpredictable! I did something you should never ever do, I directly copied a picture out of a magazine... then I started to do stuff to it... like be surreal or something stupid like that. In the end I was just trying too hard. Trying too hard at something usually makes things a mess. Prints in order of progress...

No hair. I gave the girl in the photo I friggin copied >_< a crocodile head because I probably didn't like her. Or... I'm going a little crazy.

Slightly better. Croc-lady is being more discreet now.
(there were mainly bad prints in-between these)

Final print. Ooh, look at that acid bite. Makes it really murky... but I kinda have a thing for murky anyway... She's probably hoping to ask him to dinner afterwards mmm manflesh.

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