Website design project

A few screenshots from the finished website... I think I maybe could've done more with it because it seems so little now, but I spent a lot of time drawing and drafting up ideas that this is as much as I had time for. Going down the cutesy cartoony route because drawing in flash has grown on me, mmm shiney vector lines! Now I'm looking forward to using Flash again... :) Maybe be a little more adventurous next time.

Probably best to check out the link now before I get done in for not using my own music...! (as if I can actually make my own music like that, huh!)


  1. looks awsome, look forward to seein the finished article!

  2. I absolutely love this ^_^ Cutsey cartooney vs. actually quite disturbing faces/dead people - awesome!

  3. Haha, creepy stuff rocks. :D