Business maaan

Oh dear lord... okay well got to get this over with. One sort of mock up here... Trying to improve my man-drawing skills. Not going very well, but looking back at life drawings helps. I find it so hard to draw faces, and thinking about it more now is making drawing them hell for me. As in I used to not worry what I was putting out there, but now I notice HOW MUCH THEY LOOK THE SAME because I have been being lazy and not making effort to make them look original. I think it just comes out of being afraid of making mistakes. But anyway if I do go back to this concept I'll probably work on loosening up the features a bit more (well the drawing in general - might redo the whole mock before deadline /if I'm not lazy/). Background is some sort of colourful mess of crap. But concept, idea, concept. I'm done.

I don't know why I draw the suit too big for the guy. I think I'm confused.


  1. This is not a rough!

    Also, I like his suit...makes him look like he's pretending to be a businessman.

  2. really like this:-)
    also, i know how u feel about the face drawing...raaaa!

  3. Haha yeah, trying to give the feeling of the whole... 'business men want to have fun too, ya know!' They don't just sit in their office all day pretending to make money, they all dream of running off to be free-spirited artists... like us! (and making money whilst doing that, too)
    I'm just not happy with the face, I redid it a lot of times. A lot. (my OCD kicking in...)