Kirkham project!

See, the colours really are different!
It's not really creative... That's what happens when you put an essay deadline on the same day as a project deadline. I maybe, if I had more time, would have worked on the figure more to make it less cartoony and boring. (but then that's the point, he's a stock broker) --it's also printer-unfriendly, as I've just discovered.
Stupid essay.
Mine was 90% babbling, but Grant Morrison was so fun to research, even though the research totally overwhelmed me and if I hadn't had to look up every single thing he talked about, or the several long interviews in order to piece together how the heck he comes up with this stuff, I would've had more time to actually write the darn thing. But I know for definite, if I did do the virtual community one which would have been easy - I might've written it all just as bad out of sheer boredom.

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